Iceland Lifts Bingo Ban! Well, kinda. It’s one of those ‘not really a ban’ bans. Although playing Bingo on a Sunday in Iceland was technically against the law, it was unlikely that the bingo police were going to bash your door down if someone shouted out legs eleven. Still, as the saying goes ‘it’s the principle of the thing!’ and according to various news reports, an Atheist organization named Vantrú sought to overturn the 1997 law that made it illegal for Icelanders to gamble, hold dances or host private parties on Sundays and religious holidays.

Imagine, for instance, not being able to buy a lottery ticket just because it’s Sunday? Can you think of anything worse? Can you?!? Well okay maybe you can but it’s still a minor inconvenience so pass me the placard and tell me which direction to march in!

Thankfully, as it turns out I can put the placard holding on hold. With justice (and bingo) in mind an MP of the Independence Party as well as a former Icelandic Attorney General introduced a bill to ditch this archaic law, and it was widely supported by members of parliament. The reversal of the law means that you’re now free to shake your bingo balls from dusk till dawn without fear of the fuzz taking down your particulars. Other aspects of the law have also been reverses such as a ban on small garages, shops and grocers opening on a Sunday, so it looks like everyone’s a winner. Congratulations Iceland!