You Win Some You Lose Some! When you look at the story of others’ lives, it’s clear to see that some people have the Midas Touch. Everything they touch turns to gold. They simply can’t put a foot wrong, no matter what decisions they make, good or on its surface bad. It just all works out in the end for them and is a neatly packaged life with a pretty bow tied around it. For others though, it’s a different story. They simply can’t catch a break. When it rains it pours. Doom and gloom. The only week they fail to do the lottery, their numbers come up.. and in numerical order. You get the idea. Cursed!!

For some though, life is a much more complicated and complex affair. Their luck blow hot and cold from one minute to the next  and there is no rhyme or reason to the roller-coaster of fortunes and misfortunes that make up their every day life. One such individual is James Tucker from Plymouth, UK. In December of last year, 26 year old Tucker, parked up his BMW 5 series in the underground car park right nearby Buzz Bingo. Buoyed by the prospect of a bingo session (with an elderly relative perhaps?) and feeling that it might be his lucky day, he made his way inside and let fate unfold.

What happens in Buzz Bingo doesn’t stay in Buzz Bingo and consequently the Lucky Tucker wasn’t shy, upon throwing open the doors of the venue, in announcing his cool £50 win. Walking on air and back towards the car park, I’m sure he was contemplating how to spend his double figure windfall. A slap up meal perhaps?  A massive Bingo Sesh the following week? Big decisions that deserved to be slept on.

Sadly though, a few mornings later and the scales of luck had already turned against the bingo lover.  What to spend his £50 winnings on was now the least of his problems. A letter had arrived on his doorstep from the car park and Britannia Parking enforcement were demanding that he pay an £80 fine. Outraged by this the now Unlucky Tucker drove back to Buzz Bingo (let’s hope he didn’t park in the car park again) to remonstrate. After confirming his presence at the Bingo Hall (they had an agreement with Britannia Parking for free parking for members) they asked the company to cancel the penalty. Problem solved, surely?

Wrong. In the topsy turvy world of those with extremes of fortune, it could never be that simple. It was revealed that, despite the lack of notices, customers of the bingo club are supposed to tap in their car registration details upon arrival at Buzz Bingo to prove their presence there. Despite declaring he was never told this, and there being actual CCTV footage of him at Buzz Bingo,  Britannia stick to their guns and in fact upped the ante, the fine was now £160.

Where does this story end, I hear you cry. Well, a Plucker Tucker declared that, out of principle, he simply wouldn’t pay the fine and would instead have his day in court.

“The bingo hall employ Britannia Parking to sort their parking out, and yet they’ve told me their hands are tied,” he said.

“Britannia Parking are saying they won’t do anything because I didn’t put my car registration into their system.

“They’re money grabbers.”

With this recent run of bad luck, I for one think that tthe scales of justice are about to tip Tuckers way. That and maybe another £50 bingo win is on the cards. Just arrive by foot this time, James. If I hear of any developments i”ll be sure to update the post.







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