Granny Grabber One from the archives here. A tale of three grannies, two of whom spoke of their immense relief at being awarded a share of a £200,000 bingo win.  Nora Sinkinson, 63, and Kathy Durr, 64, had attended a Merseyside Mecca Bingo Hall with their (former) friend Doreen Currie, 69, in October 2002.

As friends often tend to do, they decided to group together and it was decided that any winnings would be split between the three of them. Mrs Currie was lucky enough to win £119. However later that evening she went on to scoop a massive £213,000, upon which a sudden reticence developed. Much to their horror, she claimed that their agreement “no longer applied”, taking all of the money for herself and cruelly stating “There’s only one winner.”

Thankfully, the other two Southport grannies had other ideas and took her to court. They won resulting in £71,000, plus £3,000 interest coming to each of them.

A jubilant Nora Sinkinson said “I have always said that it doesn’t matter who calls ‘House’, you buy the tickets together, you share them out and you all have an equal stake in them. Go to any bingo hall and you will find nearly everyone plays it that way. That was our agreement on the night and that is why she paid us on the first win.”

Mrs Durr had mixed feelings “I am ecstatic about winning the money but we have lost a friendship.”

Number Nickname
1 Kelly’s Eye
2 One little duck.
Me and you
3 Cup of tea
You and me
4 Knock at the door
5 Man alive
6 Tom Mix
Half a dozen
7 Lucky
8 Garden gate
9 Doctor’s Orders
10 (Theresa’s) Den
11 Legs eleven
12 One dozen
13 Unlucky for some
14 The Lawnmower
15 Young and Keen
16 Never been kissed
17 Dancing Queen
18 Coming of Age
19 Goodbye Teens
20 One Score
Getting Plenty
21 Key of the Door
22 Two little ducks
23 The Lord is My Shepherd
24 Double dozen
25 Duck and dive
26 Two and six, half a crown
A to Z
27 Duck and a crutch.
28 In a state.
29 Rise and Shine
30 Burlington Bertie
Dirty Gertie
31 Get Up and Run
32 Buckle My Shoe
33 All the threes
Fish, chips and peas
34 Ask for More
35 Jump and Jive
36 Triple dozen
38 Christmas cake
39 Steps
40 Life Begins
43 down on your knees
44 Droopy drawers
45 Halfway there
46 up to tricks
48 Four Dozen
50 It’s a bullseye!
Snow White
52 Danny La Rue
Chicken vindaloo
Deck of Cards
53 Here comes Herbie
54 Man at the door
55 All the fives
56 Shotts Bus
57 Heinz Varieties
59 The Brighton Line
60 Grandma’s getting frisky
62 Tickety-boo
64 Almost retired
65 Retirement age, Stop work
66 Clickety click
67 Stairway to Heaven
68 Pick a Mate
69 Anyway up, Meal for Two, A Favourite of mine
71 Bang on the Drum
72 Danny La Rue
73 Queen Bee. Under The Tree. Lucky 3
74 Hit the Floor
76 Trombones
Was she worth it?
77 Two little crutches
Sunset Strip
78 39 more steps
80 Gandhi’s Breakfast
81 Fat Lady with a walking stick
83 Time for Tea
84 Seven dozen
85 Staying alive
86 Between the sticks
87 Torquay in Devon
88 Two Fat Ladies
89 Nearly there
Almost there
90 Top of the shop