Bingo Playing Celebrities While most of us don’t exactly get a red carpet rolled out when we attend a bingo hall or log into our online bingo account, being famous has no bearing on an individuals love of bingo. In fact there are a number of A-listers who just can’t wait to get their bingo on.

Sharon Osbourne

This one doesn’t surprise me to be honest. She’s always been a bit of a wild combination of game for a laugh and as mad as a hatter. Sharon has a hectic lifestyle of reality TV and talents shows (and of course she has to keep Ozzie in line too). In her down time she likes to unwind with online bingo and even has her own online bingo website!

Russell Crowe

Rugged action man, Russell Crowe isn’t all about flexing his muscles. In his 20s, in New Zealand, he actually spent time as a bingo caller. Rather predictably though, he was eventually fired for making up rude names to go alongside the numbers, instead of the understood bingo lingo. That didn’t stop him though and he was regularly seen as bingo halls during the pregnancy of his ex-wife Danielle Spencer .

Prince William

Even future kings have been known to be big bingo fans. While Wills was training at Sandhurst Military Academy he was known to sneak into the nearby bingo hall. We’re not talking a one time deal either, he became something of a regular. What what we hear he wasn’t known to walk away with many prizes but I’m sure he’s not got too many financial problems! The Queen is surely always good to lend him a tenner or two!



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